In 2019, we embarked on the first steps towards welcoming junior players back to White Coppice.

After speaking with dozens of other clubs, it became apparent that many of them had also suffered from dropping numbers of players over a long period of time. Many of them found that by introducing a better structure to their youth set ups, they had managed to rebuild this. At the same time, it is quite complex to take the steps to do this.

One decision we took, was to look at All Stars Cricket as a way to begin to develop a better understanding of those requirements. So in 2019, a couple of members of the team gained the necessary qualifications to run an All Stars programme.

White Coppice has only had one junior player in the last few years, so the first step was to approach Withnell Fold and participate in the delivery of their programme.

We did this throughout the summer and the programme was a great success.

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