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Sponsorship Opportunities

The new season is upon us and we have some unique sponsorship opportunities for your business.

White Coppice Cricket Club is different from almost any other cricket club.

Because it is the access point to the Angelzarke, Rivington Gardens, the Heapey moors and that means that tens of thousands of people walk through our ground every year.

They are walkers, cyclists, mountain bikers, DofE Award participants, hikers, climber and general sightseers.

Unlike most sports grounds, ours isn’t just visited by our fans – it is visited by people from across the UK!

Because the White Coppice Cricket ground is owned by the club, we are open to suggestions about what you think may be the best opportunity to show your brand, your support for our club and also to gain new customers.

Well, it is a wide arc. Outdoor brands, cycling brands, finance and pension companies, insurance, legal services.

It’s a great opportunity for smaller businesses in the local area to support a local club, while being seen by tens of thousands of potential customers.

Contact us via the website and we are open to offers. We are a not for profit – entirely run by volunteers, so any revenue we generate goes into keeping the club alive and helping to to thrive for another 145 years.

Now that we have carried out repairs to the ground, we need to get some proper covers. We have used tarpaulins for many years, though they do tear over time.

We have a generous commitment from a fellow club, who are willing to lend us a groundsman, however, part of the deal is that we need to buy proper covers.

If you can help us to get them, you can sponsor them! One benefit is that your sponsorship will last as long as the covers! It could be five years…maybe ten.

The covers are going to cost £5,000!

So, whoever comes up with the best offer to sponsor the covers will get the opportunity to emblazon their logo across them in glorious CoppiceColour.

Covers Advertising – £2,000 for one cover, £3,750 if you sponsor two, £5,000 to sponsor all three!

Surely three covers must be visible from space.

The Clubhouse

Because we own our clubhouse, we are happy to have sponsors come up with novel ideas for how to best use this for their brand or business.

There are some lovely spaces for signs on the outside of the balcony and also along the fence.

Hell, if someone puts up enough cash, you can sponsor the roof. You would be surprised at how many people look at White Coppice from above the ground – we are in a bowl!

Permanent Ground Advert – 8′ x 2′ – £400 per year

The Gates and Fence

Another option is the gate and fence. Literally tens of thousands of people pass through these gates each year and as they do, they stop to gaze at the beauty of White Coppice.

Let’s help them to gaze at your brand at the same time.

Gate Advertising – £To be negotiated

Match Day Advertising

We have plenty of opportunities for match day sponsoring, starting from just £30 for the match ball. All match day sponsors will be getting a mention in the programme, on the website and on social networks like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Match Ball - 1 Game£35Match Ball x 3£75Match Sponsorship£50 per gameCombined Match and Ball Sponsor£60